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What is the battle we fight within ourselves to succeed?

The readings and videos this week have taught me many things, here are some of the highlights that taught me something.  One of the videos was about Google and how they allow their employees to work 20% of the time on anything they want.  I really liked this idea; that for one day out of the week, I could work on any idea I had to promote the business I worked for.    Marissa Mayer  said that some people questioned it and felt like it was a bad idea, but when Google checked what became of those ideas, it was 50% of things that changed the company.  Wow!  can you imagine what you could do to innovate any idea if you were allowed to work on what you wanted to at work?  I was really impressed with that idea and how it really does help businesses grow.  I think that is a great idea and for me, I don’t always spend a lot of time working on my business, but if I would spend at least 20 % of the time working on my business, it would see bigger results.  So that will be a goal for me, to work at posting more on Facebook or on this Blog about my business.

Taylor Richards talks about “thinking Big” and to not let others discourage us.  A magazine invited his company to submit his information  to see if they made it in the 100 dealers of North America. He and his team were invited to an awards ceremony.  He was excited to see where they fit in as in the top 100.  The first year he reached number 11 and the second year #6.  He was so excited that he could be that high on the list of companies in North America.  One of the things he said at the end was to remind us ” not to let anyone say you can’t do it” and to “involve the Lord  to pursue your dreams.”  Both of those statements stood out to me, the first one because of they way people view failure and the second because our biggest cheerleader is our Heavenly Father.  We can do anything with His help.  One of my favorite scriptures is Philippians 4:14 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  This scripture has helped me with so much.  It is a reminder that He is with us and anything we need to accomplish, we have His help.  Often when I would work on things that were hard, this was the scripture, I quoted.

The other thing is failure, so often society views it as making a mistake, but really I don’t expect I will learn everything the first time.  Quite often, I learn more when I make a mistake.  When I read the announcements this week for this class, it brought some memories back.  Some people while good people, may not support you in your dreams.  They may have other dreams for you.  Dreams like school, marriage, careers etc.  While none of these things are bad things, there seems to be a timing that goes along with them.  I went to college right out of high school, but it wasn’t the right timing for me.  I hated it and I went off and on for several years and then I was done.  We may look at that as failing.  But really is our life over?  We never know what may happen.

I didn’t fail at it because I came back to it, but I had no desire for a very long time.  We improve as we go along, changing in all that we do.  Life is surprising.  I just wasn’t the right timing for me then, but now seems to be the better timing in my life for school.  I have enjoyed it more and I am doing better than I did then.  Failures teach us things.

I had always dreamed of opening my own business.  We see it often in movies, particularly any Cinderella movie where she has a dream, but step-mother only wants to stop her from achieving all that she wants.    I don’t think of myself as Cinderella, but in many of the Cinderella spin offs, it is about someone who wants to pursue their goal and there is a person or obstacle stopping it.

When I look at my life, I can see many obstacles and some are of my own making.  The desire is there, but how do I overcome and fulfill the dreams I want?  There have been obstacles, people and problems that have made it difficult, but overcoming them, is a big step and standing up to the obstacle and trying to do your best is important.  We learn through these trials. they help us grow.  So I do agree with Taylor Richards, Involve the Lord and don’t let people tell you it can’t be done.  When you involve the Lord, He will give you the power to accomplish all that you want.

In the “Heart of Entrepreneurship” article- something that stood out to me was to identify where the opportunity is.  It isn’t just internal- (Resources), its external (the market).  How is this going to help our business? How will it grow?  There are questions that administrators ask as well as questions that entrepreneurs ask.  They differ.  Administrators ask things like what resources do I control, what opportunity is appropriate?  But an entrepreneur will slightly change those questions and ask Where is the opportunity?  What resources do I need?  How do I capitalize on it and how do I gain control over them?  These questions open us up for more of a challenge.  How do I see this business growing?  They are creative and positive.

Another video, I really liked deals with all of the things I have talked about.  This one is called. Your emotional fingerprint by Woody Woodward.  In this video James Ritchie talks of this book as a good friend.  In fact any book he read is a good friend in what it taught him about business.  James shares a Cherokee story about two wolves.  One is good and one is evil and he shares the characteristics of each wolf.  The evil wolf is angry, guilty, depressed, lies, has a superior ego etc.  The good wolf’s characteristics are joy, peace, love etc.  His grandson asks him, which one lives?  And his grandfather replies,” the one you feed.”  Isn’t this true?  There is so much in life that is good and evil, negative or positive.  We can listen to those who don’t want us to succeed or don’t have the faith in how we will succeed or we can think positively.  It is a choice we must all make.  In most movies we see a battle between good and evil and even in ourselves.  What is the battle we fight within our selves to succeed?

One last thought on an already long post.  I didn’t share all that I read or watched, but how would I incorporate what I did learn into my business?  I would try harder- and remember what I do affects me.  Who I listen to whether it is positive or negative affects how I will perform.  I think the positive is a better idea and helps me make it farther in life.  My convictions and what I believe make a difference in how I will succeed and move forward.  True convictions are great, but they take action to move forward and to truly believe.

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