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This week in our readings we are learning there are always going to be questions to ask between what is most important family or business?  We read mini case studies based on a decision between our family or our business.  I have had some experience with that and the other day I was watching a video on Facebook before I read any of my lessons that reminded me of the importance of our family over our business.  The reason we are working is for our family and they need to have time with us as well.  So, my answer to that is that family comes first.  They are the jewel in our lives and what means the most to us.  Depending on your values in life depends on where you would answer this question.

We read several articles and there were many things that I pulled from each of them as being important in my life.  Here is some from Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness from the Acton Foundation for Entrepreneur excellence,  “Religious people are more resilient and more effective at fighting depression”

Another thought was “the first step in your hero journey is one step in front of the other”.  Any  path we choose takes action.  So in any way be go we have to work at it.  Every goal has merit if we work at it.  Another talk was Called the Formula for Success by Thomas S. Monson where he talks about being successful and fives us 3 rules to be successful.  1. Fill your mind with truth. 2. live a life of service. 3. fill your heart with love.  These three rules will help us be successful in our lives.

There were many other things we read and listened to and they all relate to us in some way.  In The formula for success, I know that I need to read, ponder and study truth.  I love this time I have during each day to reflect, study and learn.  I also write in my journal at this time.  It is part of that reflection that I enjoy and also the peace that comes from reading and studying the scriptures. I use this every day as a way that brings me peace.  I typically like to do this in the morning, but I also like to exercise in the morning, so sometimes my spiritual study gets pushed off to later in the day.  But I never want to miss it because it does bring me peace.

Another topic we read about it Money.  How do we all feel about money?  It seems to be the means to an end.  We have to have it to live and survive in this world.  But does it make us happy?  That depends.  It can bring happiness and it can also bring sorrow.  There are also filters about how we view many subjects in life. Some come from our parents view and others develop as we go to school and learn to think for ourselves.    So in answer to the questions….

  • What is your attitude toward money?  Well I think that we need it in this life and at times it has been very important to me.  I think that as we look at having it to pay bills or getting what we want our of life we have to have it.  But there have been times I have really struggled with it.  I think there is a balance that we need to have.  I don’t need to roll in money to be happy.  I doesn’t necessarily buy my happiness.  I do think it is important to have, but I also think I have a stewardship over how I spend it.
  • How can your view of money affect the way you live?  I could have thousands of dollars, but I would still be frugal.  But not to the point which I am going without something if I need it.  Some of my wants are only wants for a moment.  I have bought things in the past that only made me happy short term.  But because I spend the money on it, I felt that I needed to keep it.  There are many times I go to the store and really want something, but will walk out of the store without it.  I would rather have some for my future and so preparing now for what I need later is important to me.  I don’t have to have the most expensive thing, nor do I need to buy the one that will only last a second.  If I need it, I want it to last longer than a minute or two.  Buying something I will use is important.  I don’t buy just to buy.  I have to have a purpose in which I will use it.
  • What rules are recommended for prospering?  The rules for prospering is giving back.  We are told in the scriptures to help the needy and not turn them away.  Giving to charities or helping others is a way of prospering.  A few years ago, I had very little money.  I learned something that taught me a valuable lesson.  It had to do with giving back and sharing with those who needed it.  I had taken some missionaries to the store and one of them found that her account had been hacked and she didn’t have any money.   While I didn’t have money, I did  have family close by and could ask them for some if I really needed it.  I also had a job (Errand.Girl) where I could work and get more money.  So I gave the last bit of cash I had to these missionaries.  What I found was a blessing, that when I gave of my money I was blessed with a job.  I think it is another one of the blessings that Heavenly Father has for us.  It is hard to give(sacrifice) but when we do, regardless of how that person uses the money, we are blessed in ways we would never have known.

I don’t know if we can answer the question in the title at all, but I do know that my family is important and I do know there is a higher power.  I also know there are dreams that we want to fulfill in life and we have to work at all of them.  But when we do, we are blessed with so many blessings both spiritual and temporal.

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