Let me do the "run around" for you.

Life of Service

Have you ever thought the key in life is serving others?  I have seen it often in life and know it is important to give back and serve others.  I learned early on about serving others.  My own parents were often found helping and serving others.  Did it make them rich and successful in the ways of the world?  No.  But as a child looking at what they did to help others only makes sense as to why I have a business that serves others.  I don’t have some wonderful product to sell, but a service that helps people out.    Some of the things I have read in my assignments this week are integrity in all that I do, being true to myself brings me joy, when I make a living I am also making a life and doing the best I can is due to integrity and honesty.

There is also a book I am reading right now called the “Ministry of Business” by Steven A Hitz and James W. Ritchie I love the story of how these two men met and the formula for a successful business.  I love that some of the formula came inspiring men and that we get that inspiration from God.    The principles they share in this book are about many things in business, and our lives.  One of the principles from this book is that we cannot leave our jobs at the door.  They are intermingled with who we are.  I love this thought!  It explains me so well.  Our lives are intermingled with our faith, our jobs, and our families.  Nothing is left at the door.  We need the support of all to be successful.

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