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Stepping Stones in life

As I read my assignments this week, I felt as if I was reading about my life.  In “Stars and stepping stones, the author talks about divine inspiration as a way that leads us to life-long goals.  This has been a big part of my life.

“Each of us has a spark of divine inspiration that lead us to life-long goals.  Once you have discovered these goals, your end purpose is clear.”  Jeff Sandefer

I agree in many respects since it was something I wanted so badly, especially the closer it got to doing it.  Timing is so much a part of it as well.  We start things when we are ready for them even when we don’t always realize it.   There is so much that goes into it all.  One of the best things about this article ‘Stars and stepping stones” is we are told to start at the end and work back.  Extremely wise council, considering when I started my business and how it came into existence.  I honestly didn’t know how to do it.  How do you do something you have never done? I had no idea where to start or who to talk to.

Another thought that was mentioned in this article is a letter that was written by someone who wanted a business, It says “ my life seems to be on hold as I struggle to create something I believe will be greater than myself. “  And the last part “But my personal life might not be as “on hold” as I think I am becoming happier with me.” I see so much of my life in this article.  There as so many things that are changing me.  It isn’t just one little thing.  It’s a process through everything around me; work, school, religion, friends, family and the support I have found in so many of them.

Another article called “Do you feel a calling to do something important?  By Associate Professor Jeffry R. Thompson.   Isn’t it wonderful to know that there are answers to help us with work?  We can do a lot ourselves, but having divine inspiration about our jobs is so helpful in helping us move forward in all that we do.  I also enjoyed that we have gifts that we are born with that help us with the jobs or “calling” we have in life.  I have experienced this too and yet I am also finding and realizing so many more.

The last though I have is by Randy Pausch’s.  He says “Brick walls are for those who don’t want it bad enough.”  And “Some brick walls are made of flesh.”  I have seen that in my life.  Not only did I struggle to get my business started, but sometimes the support wasn’t there from those around me.  But I think those struggles are each a part of the stepping stones in our life’s journey.  We sometimes have to hit a brick wall so we will try another approach.  Life is certainly interesting in where it leads us.



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