Let me do the "run around" for you.

What I am learning

I am in a college course on entrepreneurship and need to share what I have been learning.  In a busines, it is important to have a journal to look back at the things you have done.  I started a journal years ago, but have also had some changes in my life and wanted to use the website as a blog as I make changes.  My business has changed over the course of the six years I have been in business.  I have had some good experiences and I have had some bad experiences, but overall I love the adventures I have and the opportunities I have had through it all.  It isn’t easy and even getting it going was a lot of hard work.

In the article I am reading by Jeff Sandefer  “Your entrepreneur Journal” he says ” we learn at least two things from journaling; 1 to write and store things that are important and 2 to reflect on those things.  I agree with him.  I am a regular journal writer.  I write daily.  I reflect on things in the past and review them.  I haven’t always done it as expertly about my business, but I use small blurbs on Facebook about places I have been when I post. That has led to conversations with some people all over the world.  At some point of all this, I wish I had written step by step instructions, but  I didn’t.  I do that in other jobs, but to tell you the truth, I didn’t always know how to start a business and what got me started, may be different for others.

One of the other talks I read this week is by Elder Bednar “Your whole soul as an offering unto him”  first I love this talk and how it relates to me, but also how it can even relate to a business.  As I think about my “whole Soul” to me it means putting my heart into it and doing my best.  In this talk Elder Bednar reminds us to make God our first priority and put our whole soul unto him.  In using him as our mentor, we can do a lot.  God is my mentor in business, he has been there every step of the way.  Even when I am afraid to make those changes, I pray for his guidance and find the extra push that I need to move a little farther or take another step.  In business we make sacrifices in order to achieve what we want.

Networking is also a key tool in business.  You never know who you will talk to and how they can help.  One of my  mentors is now gone, but she really believed in my business and was always giving me ideas of who I could contact or sharing ideas to help me advertise.  I appreciated her help and how she shared with so many about my business.  We can accomplish so much by just talking to others.

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