Let me do the "run around" for you.

Errand.Girl has changed a lot over the last few years.

It’s been awhile since I have posted.  It seems to take a while to get things up and running and that first year was good with business  trying to settle into my little niche.  I was offering so many things to see what I could get it going.  Party favors, organizing, even gift baskets.  But I soon came to realize I was offering too way too much.  It wasn’t a problem, but my time is also important and I charge by the hour and if I buy items to make a gift basket, it will still take time to make that basket as well as cost money to do it.  So, while I love all things creative, I will just leave it all to you.  I will buy your supplies and you can put it all together.

After the first year, I started doing more for others in different ways.  Errand.Girl is a service business.  It changes from day to day.  What do you have that you need done?  Documents picked up and delivered?  Groceries for that last minute party?  I do realize there are many businesses out there that do this now.  Smaller businesses offer more of a personal touch.

I am Errand. Girl.  I run your errands, pick up dry cleaning and pick up documents.   I have picked up groceries, documents, dinner  and prescriptions.

I have had  interesting experiences in the last couple of years.  My job brings me many different opportunities.  I am able to pick up your item and mail it to you. There is a limit on how much I will spend out of my own pocket.

How my services work:  I charge $25.00 an hour and .55 cents a mile.  You pay me for my service, the item and mailing the item to you.   Payment is due at the time of service.  I take credit cards through Square and PayPal.

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