Let me do the "run around" for you.

Did you think I was taking a break?

While I know there aren’t many readers of this blog, I do think there are a few.  I have even advertised my blog on my Facebook account.   While things were quite busy up until last week, life has not stopped.  There are more issues and many more things do continue to come and go.  I realized that some things still need to be taken care of and more issues keep coming.  Oh well.  I did have a short break and work will continue to go on.

Which browser do I use?  Last year, I had a lot of issues with one and decided to change to another.  Well I recently noticed that on some things I use the one browser for, a few things are not secure.  Crazy, so I started calling those companies and talking to people to get this taken care of.  Hmm.  There doesn’t seem to be a perfect fit, but maybe in using one browser more items are secure.  I guess it is something I will have to keep working on.

Just some random thoughts today.  The spring semester is finally over and I have a 6 week break, but it seems it is already time to go back to work.  And if feels like the summer is over and I am not ready for it to be over.  I need a three month break without classes on top of it.  Oh well.  This is how life goes and I do want to finish school so I’ll keep working on it and still try to have a life as well.

I hope all who read this are having a wonderful summer without too much trouble.

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