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I realize as I  check this, that some of the posts are boring…. I do realize it.  However, the love of writing isn’t always pleasant nor is the joy of reading.  I love to read, but often what I read and have read in the last few years has been text books.  I do add a novel or some children’s literature in sometimes, but it isn’t often.  Some of the books I’ve read for school have been great.  In fact I loved The Ministry of Business by Steve Hitz and James Ritchie.  It is an excellent book.  But while I thoroughly enjoyed it and loved many of the concepts, I still struggled to read it as quickly as I was to read it.  What helped me get through it was that I enjoyed it and I could sometimes read while at work.

Another book I read is called Mastery: The keys to success and long-term fulfillment.   The author is George Leonard.  However, this book is a quick and easy read.  It has three parts to it.  I read the first two parts of it on a flight to Missouri and the last 1/3 on the way back home.  I did do some underlining, but i also didn’t absolutely love the book.  It has some good concepts and I had some great thoughts from it, but I didn’t love it.  Nothing really jumped out at me as really important at least in the first read through.  Since I had to write a book report on it,  I did learn much more from it and it taught me more about life and a business.  Nothing in life is ever going  to be easy as we all think.  We have trials and hard days.  We even complain about them and think that we are just being picked on, but really those are the moments we are learning and growing.

And as the author says, we have to learn to love those moments.  So what are some of the moments where you feel you are not progressing?  Think about them and then ask yourself, ” what do I need to learn from all this?  And then before we do too much reacting, wait and practice and see what happens.  There are times where I don’t react negatively , where I wait and have faith that all will be OK and you know it is.  Sometimes, there is a delay for a good reason on the other side of the problem.

But there are other times, when I do react and waste a lot of energy.  Hey I’m not perfect yet!  But I do work on being a better person daily.  I have seen changes in myself and I like the person I am becoming.

Well those are some deep thoughts for the day.  I hope you all have some time to ponder and learn from who you are.  I wish I had some witty thing to say at the end as most bloggers do, but I don’t at this point.  So until next time…


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