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What is the battle we fight within ourselves to succeed?

The readings and videos this week have taught me many things, here are some of the highlights that taught me something.  One of the videos was about Google and how they allow their employees to work 20% of the time on anything they want.  I really liked this idea; that for one day out of the week, I could work on any idea I had to promote the business I worked for.    Marissa Mayer  said that some people questioned it and felt like it was a bad idea, but when Google checked what became of those ideas, it was 50% of things that changed the company.  Wow!  can you imagine what you could do to innovate any idea if you were allowed to work on what you wanted to at work?  I was really impressed with that idea and how it really does help businesses grow.  I think that is a great idea and for me, I don’t always spend a lot of time working on my business, but if I would spend at least 20 % of the time working on my business, it would see bigger results.  So that will be a goal for me, to work at posting more on Facebook or on this Blog about my business.

Taylor Richards talks about “thinking Big” and to not let others discourage us.  A magazine invited his company to submit his information  to see if they made it in the 100 dealers of North America. He and his team were invited to an awards ceremony.  He was excited to see where they fit in as in the top 100.  The first year he reached number 11 and the second year #6.  He was so excited that he could be that high on the list of companies in North America.  One of the things he said at the end was to remind us ” not to let anyone say you can’t do it” and to “involve the Lord  to pursue your dreams.”  Both of those statements stood out to me, the first one because of they way people view failure and the second because our biggest cheerleader is our Heavenly Father.  We can do anything with His help.  One of my favorite scriptures is Philippians 4:14 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  This scripture has helped me with so much.  It is a reminder that He is with us and anything we need to accomplish, we have His help.  Often when I would work on things that were hard, this was the scripture, I quoted.

The other thing is failure, so often society views it as making a mistake, but really I don’t expect I will learn everything the first time.  Quite often, I learn more when I make a mistake.  When I read the announcements this week for this class, it brought some memories back.  Some people while good people, may not support you in your dreams.  They may have other dreams for you.  Dreams like school, marriage, careers etc.  While none of these things are bad things, there seems to be a timing that goes along with them.  I went to college right out of high school, but it wasn’t the right timing for me.  I hated it and I went off and on for several years and then I was done.  We may look at that as failing.  But really is our life over?  We never know what may happen.

I didn’t fail at it because I came back to it, but I had no desire for a very long time.  We improve as we go along, changing in all that we do.  Life is surprising.  I just wasn’t the right timing for me then, but now seems to be the better timing in my life for school.  I have enjoyed it more and I am doing better than I did then.  Failures teach us things.

I had always dreamed of opening my own business.  We see it often in movies, particularly any Cinderella movie where she has a dream, but step-mother only wants to stop her from achieving all that she wants.    I don’t think of myself as Cinderella, but in many of the Cinderella spin offs, it is about someone who wants to pursue their goal and there is a person or obstacle stopping it.

When I look at my life, I can see many obstacles and some are of my own making.  The desire is there, but how do I overcome and fulfill the dreams I want?  There have been obstacles, people and problems that have made it difficult, but overcoming them, is a big step and standing up to the obstacle and trying to do your best is important.  We learn through these trials. they help us grow.  So I do agree with Taylor Richards, Involve the Lord and don’t let people tell you it can’t be done.  When you involve the Lord, He will give you the power to accomplish all that you want.

In the “Heart of Entrepreneurship” article- something that stood out to me was to identify where the opportunity is.  It isn’t just internal- (Resources), its external (the market).  How is this going to help our business? How will it grow?  There are questions that administrators ask as well as questions that entrepreneurs ask.  They differ.  Administrators ask things like what resources do I control, what opportunity is appropriate?  But an entrepreneur will slightly change those questions and ask Where is the opportunity?  What resources do I need?  How do I capitalize on it and how do I gain control over them?  These questions open us up for more of a challenge.  How do I see this business growing?  They are creative and positive.

Another video, I really liked deals with all of the things I have talked about.  This one is called. Your emotional fingerprint by Woody Woodward.  In this video James Ritchie talks of this book as a good friend.  In fact any book he read is a good friend in what it taught him about business.  James shares a Cherokee story about two wolves.  One is good and one is evil and he shares the characteristics of each wolf.  The evil wolf is angry, guilty, depressed, lies, has a superior ego etc.  The good wolf’s characteristics are joy, peace, love etc.  His grandson asks him, which one lives?  And his grandfather replies,” the one you feed.”  Isn’t this true?  There is so much in life that is good and evil, negative or positive.  We can listen to those who don’t want us to succeed or don’t have the faith in how we will succeed or we can think positively.  It is a choice we must all make.  In most movies we see a battle between good and evil and even in ourselves.  What is the battle we fight within our selves to succeed?

One last thought on an already long post.  I didn’t share all that I read or watched, but how would I incorporate what I did learn into my business?  I would try harder- and remember what I do affects me.  Who I listen to whether it is positive or negative affects how I will perform.  I think the positive is a better idea and helps me make it farther in life.  My convictions and what I believe make a difference in how I will succeed and move forward.  True convictions are great, but they take action to move forward and to truly believe.

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What I am learning?


This week I read some talks that I have read before and to like the messages they portray.  Each week is different in the topics that we relate to and what they really mean.  One of my favorites is talk by Elder Bednar called A Disciple Learning center.  In this talk he is talking about the MTC.  The MTC stands for Missionary Training Center and that it is a place of learning.  He talks about the 17 training centers around the world and compares them to BYU- Idaho.  I really enjoyed this talk the first time about 4 years ago.  What I like about it is that BYU- Idaho is an intense training for a short time, there is a temple next to it.  There are standards that we as students must live by and we are expected to honor them.  I feel it is a higher standard that we must live up to, but it is also what helps us continue to grow.  I think as I incorporate it into my business, it is the way I conduct business.  I follow what I am learning and try to live by a higher standard in all I do.  I also try to do the best I can and give the time and attention to my clients that they need.

Message to Garcia is a training on being a good employee and finding the best person to take care of the jobs.  These are people who have the courage to make a difference.   There are several steps, but what impressed me the most was being the kind of person who always got things done. That’s the kind of business I want.  I want to help where I am needed.  Give detailed information where I need to and if I can’t help them, refer them to someone who can.

In Leadership with a small L by Kim B. Clark – One of the things that impressed me was to be the chief, but to also be the servant.  He was referring to Jesus Christ and how he as the greatest of all men on earth, but did not act like he was.  He lead by example, with vision and with love.  That is the kind of business owner we need to be.  As we love our clients we do the best we can for them.

Good to great was another business excerpt I read this week and there are 6 key concepts  3 are for the build up and three for the breakthrough.  It takes time to build anything up and we have to keep working at it.   Three elements were also shared about people.  1.  Disciplined People- getting the right people and keeping them. 2. Disciplined Thoughts- be brutally honest about the facts and avoid the temptation of getting side tracked.  3 Disciplined Action- what is important to achieve and what isn’t.  I liked those three concepts because they are actions.  We find the best people in our businesses to get things done, stay focused and move forward to accomplish all that we need to.  I think that is the way it is in life.  I have to move forward, not just in business but my personal life as well.  There are many things that I push for and try to achieve.  I am working on changing, growing and moving forward.  Those are my goals and they all work together with learning and doing all that I can to improve.

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Perfection is a long road of trial and error

I found a couple of quotes on Facebook which I have listed below.  I love the positive message they teach me which helps me learn and grow. As I mentioned before in one of my blog posts, I enjoy writing and there are times that I am just dying to write and can’t wait to get it all down as I express my thoughts.  This mention of writing has a lot to do with these quotes and the post below.

President Russell M. Nelson  “Perfection comes not in this life, but in the next life. Don’t demand things that are unreasonable. But demand of yourself improvement. As you let the Lord help you through that, He will make the difference.

That which we persist in doing becomes easy to do, not that the nature of the thing has changed, but our power to do so has increased. Heber J Grant.

My thoughts pertaining to perfection are that I will never be perfect in this life, but I have goals and dreams I want to accomplish and I have to work at them little by little.  Every time I look at a big project, I wonder how I will ever get it done.  My brother often reminds me  you don’t have to eat the elephant all at once, just “one bite at a time”.  This is true.  I have to say, I have never accomplished something the first time around.  It takes practice and patience.

As I look back as some of the things I have accomplished and have yet to accomplish, I see lots of growth.  As a college student, I am doing better in school than I ever did.  I have a desire to be there, and I am learning, growing and improving in the things I do.  I also look at life and some of my other desires.  I mentioned “writing” a couple of paragraphs back which is also one of them.  I used to pour out my thoughts in my journals while listening to music and then I stopped.  I wanted to write, but the classes I took, told me I was a terrible writer.  So I quit for a long time.  Years later, with some positive thoughts of doing and accomplishing, I took another writing class.  What I learned is that many are born with certain talents, but most of us have to work at it.  As we work at it,  often times we enjoy it much longer than those who do not have to work at it.

From then on, my goal was to continue writing.  So I do.  One of the places that I write often is a journal where I write what is important to me.   I went to a fireside- its a meeting  where  people go to hear a message (like a Ted Talk). So a few years ago I went to this meeting and the  woman who spoke made quite an impression on me, she talked about PJ’S- Prayer, Journal and Scripture study.  It has made a difference in my life as I pray,  write , read and study my scriptures.


In this road of perfection, often we get discouraged and want to quit.  I have been there more than once.   One of the ways I do this  is by prayer, scripture study and trying to do the best I can and when I involve God in all that I do, things go better in my life.  I make it through the week with his help.

Just a word of advice; not everyone is going to like your writing style, but that doesn’t mean you are doing it wrong.  Learn the rules and then go, write, do and become better at something you always dreamed of doing.  Not just in writing, but in anything you do.  I see the progress I have made in so much and I am pleased, but I know there is much more I can do.  So I will keep working at it everyday.

Life is not easy and we deal with so much that is really hard, but we aren’t the only ones suffer and deal with hard things.   Jesus Christ suffered so much more than we do and it wasn’t even his problems or sins, it was ours!  He did it to save us and give us a way back to Him.

So on your path to perfection, one last thought from Elder Jeffrey R Holland.  “Don’t you quit. You keep walking. You keep trying. There is help and happiness ahead. Some blessings come soon, some come late, and some don’t come until heaven; but for those who embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, they come. It will be all right in the end. Trust God and believe in good things to come.”

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Hero’s Journey and other thoughts

Another new book to read this week.  However, we only seem to read it by chapters and the chapters were right in the middle of the book.  I read three chapters yesterday and I was impressed.  They not only teach me about business, but about life.  They are little excepts of people who are working at being their own kind of hero.

For example one of the stories is called “Stones in the Road.”  Its about a man who lived in a big castle and was rich.  He loves all the people in the town and does things for them.  But the people in the town do not like to work and they wish they were as rich as their friend in the castle.  One day the rich man leave a huge boulder in the road and then hides to see who will push it out of the way.  Many come by and are upset that the stone is there, but no one touches it.

Later, a young man who had been working at the mill, comes by and see the stone.  He says it is getting dark and someone will get hurt, so he moves the heavy stone out of the way.  Underneath it is a bag with a note.  The bag is heavy and full of gold.  The note said the gold belongs to whomever moves the stone.  He leaves with a bag for of gold and the rich man is happy since he has found someone who does know how to work.

A couple of other parts in the lesson this week is the 5 whys of an issue.  In this Eric Ries says there are things you have to analyze and the one thing I took from it is “Behind every technical problem is a human problem that caused it”  Another thing he said that caught my attention is when someone is not going to do something because it takes too long like 8 weeks, we have them do the 1st hour of those eight weeks.  In this case it was training and it was a start of creating a program to help new people.  The next time, there is a technical error you do the second hour of training.  It may take awhile but eventually you will have a training when there are more difficulties.

I felt like many of the things I read this week were encouragement to do the best I can.  There are going to be times when it is really difficult, but if I keep working on it and involve God in it.  It will all work out.  I know He will help me make it through the difficult times.  I have experienced many and He has been there for me to help with accomplish the tasks.

In the talk “Looking Back and moving forward”, I learned something with this a few years ago.  Sometimes we have to look back to see what we have accomplished.  Then we take that and continue to move forward working on the task at hand.  It doesn’t mean it is easy, it never is.  But the more we work and push shows us what we can accomplish.  This also applies to the above paragraph that we need to involve God.  He helps us get so much done when we ask for his help.

One last thought is However long and hard the road by President Jeffrey R. Holland and Patricia Holland.  – Both President and Sister Holland Spoke and reminded us to have a sense of humor and although we haven’t attained some of the things we want, if we keep working it will all work out.  President Holland spoke about the same thing basically to encourage us to continue at it.  To work hard and to do our best.  Don’t give up!  You keep walking!  I love these words of encouragement.  I keep them on my refrigerator and whenever I need them they are there.


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To thine own self be true….

To thine own self be true.  This is a quote by William Shakespeare, but it is written in a talk by President Gordon B. Hinckley in a message to young women called” Stand true and faithful”  I really liked this talk because at the mention of “to thine own self be true” it reminded me of a time when I went on a trip out of the country with a friend.    This friend and I shared a lot of things, but not our values.  I felt my times that I had to stand of for who I was and it really wasn’t easy.  I found a magnet that said these very words and I bought it.  It was the one thing that meant the most to me out of everything I bought on vacation.  Simply because, I had stood up for myself many times.   President Hinckley reminds us to be honest and have integrity and to get a good education.  He says that at this time in our lives “women have never had as many opportunities as we do now. ” We never know if we will need that education or what our lives will become without it and it is a good thing to fall back on if we need it.

We also read a section from Steven R. Covey’s 7 habits of Highly effective people.  He reminds us that being effective people get things done and they are proactive. Each step has mini steps beneath us to compliment those steps.  The seven habits are: 1. Be proactive, 2. Begin with the end in mind 3. First things first 4. Think win win 5. Seek first to understand, then to be understood 6. Synergize 7. Sharpen the saw .  All of these steps can be used in our lives and in our businesses.

One of the most meaningful steps  I found had to do with Step 3 – First things first because it is how we deal everyday with our spouses, our friends, our family and our customers.  Steven Covey refers to this as an emotional bank account of interdependence and  says “if we are out of money things can be very tense.”  I like what he says about each of these steps that lead us to victories in life.  They teach us how important it is to be kind and to treat others as we would like to be treated.  In fact his supporting idea to this victory is “The most important ingredient we can contribute to any relationship is not what we say or do, but what we are”  I really like that because we have to be true to ourselves.  We can’t be fake or people will know it.  It all comes back to President Hinckley’s talk on Stand True.    Who we are comes from our very core and we show that do others in how we treat them.

In watching a video by Guy Kawasaki – he talked about being a college student and how it was one of the best times and  he said he “should have taken light loads and lived on his parents as long as possible”.  What he meant was that often we are so ready to get out there and be the adult we push ourselves so hard to get out an make  money and “it isn’t all that it is cracked up to be.”  With it comes lots of responsibility and as he looks back now, he wishes that all he had to think about was his midterms or what schools to go to.

What I learn from Guy Kawasaki is he is right.  “Money isn’t all that it is cracked up to be”  It is a lot of responsibilities and as a college student now,  my life is full of lots of responsibility.   I don’t rely on my parents to pay by schooling and my classes are not the only thing I have to worry about.  I have a home, a job and a business  and family and friends with many hats that I exchange in all that I do.  Life is busy for all of us.  If you are young and only have schooling to worry about.  Enjoy it and don’t wish your life away so soon because adulthood comes fast enough with all we have to worry and deal with.

What do you know about me?

What do you know about me?   Do you know that I have words that want to be spoken?  Do you know that I have thoughts that bubble and desire to be written?  There are times when those thoughts cannot be denied and I cannot wait to get them down on as soon as possible.  Sometimes it takes hours and other times only a few minutes to get them all down.

Do you know I have a voice that wants to be heard?  I think there are many things that we don’t know about others.  We may have grown up together or hang out often together, but do we really see and know all there is about them?  I have siblings and I can honestly say, I don’t know everything thing about their lives.  I even marvel at some of the things they have experienced and how it has affected them, by making them who they are today.  Their strength comes from the things they have experienced.

I see those experiences in my own life too and how they have taught me so much and given me so much growth.  That growth, helps me work at who I want to be and what I desire to be.   Those who know me personally know the kinds of things I share regularly on Facebook on my personal site.  There are things that inspire and help me to think positively.  They are things like quotes and recipes and inspiration thoughts.

I have alluded to it a few times here on this page about faith and Divine Guidance in my life.  Let’s face it, it is so much a part of my life and there will be moments that I will share about that faith.  It is who I am and I need it so much in my life.

Do you know I have a testimony of Jesus Christ?  I know He lives and I know He loves me.  I know and experience His love for me daily.  I am not perfect, nor will I ever be.  But knowing that helps me turn to the only perfect one who has walked this earth.

This page is about things I learn and about who I am and who I am becoming. I may be sharing funny things or heartfelt things or even things that I just want to write about in my life.  I am not always witty, but those that know me very well find my humor when others do not.  You see, it has taken me awhile to find my voice, but one of the things that has made so much difference is knowing I am loved.  So I share this with you today to really think about who we are and what we have to offer to others.  We have so much to share with others.

Life’s little errands…

There is always so much going on in all of our lives.  Errands.  We all have them.  Issues with our homes, our lives, family etc.  Well I’m no exception to all that.  I always have things I need to get taken care of and I’m sure you do too.

So far — here it is June and life has been really hard this year.  I am constantly pushing myself to be better and have come across many trials, but I have to say there have been blessings to those as well.  Life is hard, but those hardships really help us grow.  This is not something we all like to admit.

Last month, I felt like I was drowning with family issues, school and completing a program  at an elementary school where I also work.  Lets face it, life is busy.  I know I am not the only one who has a busy life.  Someone I know is always telling me ” my time is as valuable as yours”.  The thing this person doesn’t realize it I know how busy my life is, so I am assuming their life is just as busy.  Those three weeks where I felt like I was drowning and yet I still managed to get everything done; I know that wasn’t me.  I know there was divine guidance helping me along the way.  I felt it.  And I know we are watched over and cared for.  And I am so grateful for it.

So last week I posted about a couple of books I read for my class.  Well yesterday I read another book.  It was so good that I have to share.  A friend lent it to me and I picked it up after church and read until I finished it.  I even ordered me a copy today.  I want to underline in it and mark my favorite passages and the things it taught me.  I love books that teach truth.  And what I felt when I read this book is hard to put into words, but it made me happy and I wanted to share.

The book is called The Message by Lance Richardson.  He had a death experience and came back and shared his experiences with us.  One of the things he shared about is serving and helping others.  I really think that is what life is all about.  How can we help people?  There are lots of things we have been taught to do like taking dinner to someone, helping them with yard work etc.  Even smiling at someone is a service.  What are things that you can do to help and serve others?

There are lots of services that we have to pay for.  We pay to use the service of companies that help us.  It is part of life and we need those services.  We recognize how valuable those services become to us when we need them.  For example, cell phone service.  Can you even imagine not having a phone?  What would we do with out them?  There are so many things on our phones that have been replaced by just that phone and the service it offers us.  Years ago, we had to pack a camera, a day planner, a phone, a radio, an alarm clock, a flash light, a calculator, a notepad, a checkbook, money, drivers license etc.

Wow! if I carried all those things, I’d need a suitcase and not my little purse.  But we did it and look how much more simple it is now without all those things.  About 10 years ago, I bought a really nice camera for a vacation I was going on. I know I used it for a couple of years, just replacing the memory disk after each vacation.  I still have it, but  I don’t use it and I wonder when I quit using it?  I  usually use the camera on my phone,  Its just easier and I don’t have to pack so much around.   OK so I got off there just a little bit.  My point is that we need services and there are values in them.

So what kinds of services can we offer to people to help them that really come from our heart?  What extra things do you do?  I know that sharing some of these things makes us feel like we are patting ourselves on our backs, but I think it is important to acknowledge the good we do to help others.  Even in you just share them with your families.  You are doing something that helps others and bringing joy to someone’s life.

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Errand. Girl Posts

I realize as I  check this, that some of the posts are boring…. I do realize it.  However, the love of writing isn’t always pleasant nor is the joy of reading.  I love to read, but often what I read and have read in the last few years has been text books.  I do add a novel or some children’s literature in sometimes, but it isn’t often.  Some of the books I’ve read for school have been great.  In fact I loved The Ministry of Business by Steve Hitz and James Ritchie.  It is an excellent book.  But while I thoroughly enjoyed it and loved many of the concepts, I still struggled to read it as quickly as I was to read it.  What helped me get through it was that I enjoyed it and I could sometimes read while at work.

Another book I read is called Mastery: The keys to success and long-term fulfillment.   The author is George Leonard.  However, this book is a quick and easy read.  It has three parts to it.  I read the first two parts of it on a flight to Missouri and the last 1/3 on the way back home.  I did do some underlining, but i also didn’t absolutely love the book.  It has some good concepts and I had some great thoughts from it, but I didn’t love it.  Nothing really jumped out at me as really important at least in the first read through.  Since I had to write a book report on it,  I did learn much more from it and it taught me more about life and a business.  Nothing in life is ever going  to be easy as we all think.  We have trials and hard days.  We even complain about them and think that we are just being picked on, but really those are the moments we are learning and growing.

And as the author says, we have to learn to love those moments.  So what are some of the moments where you feel you are not progressing?  Think about them and then ask yourself, ” what do I need to learn from all this?  And then before we do too much reacting, wait and practice and see what happens.  There are times where I don’t react negatively , where I wait and have faith that all will be OK and you know it is.  Sometimes, there is a delay for a good reason on the other side of the problem.

But there are other times, when I do react and waste a lot of energy.  Hey I’m not perfect yet!  But I do work on being a better person daily.  I have seen changes in myself and I like the person I am becoming.

Well those are some deep thoughts for the day.  I hope you all have some time to ponder and learn from who you are.  I wish I had some witty thing to say at the end as most bloggers do, but I don’t at this point.  So until next time…