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Let me do the "run around" for you.

another post

  1. If you pursue your calling with discipline, intentionality, and the help of fellow travelers, what are the chances that your worst case scenario will really happen? 2. As you look at your list of fears, what themes emerge? What is at the core of what you really fear? Financial ruin? The judgment or disapproval of others? Physical harm? Endangering the ones you love? Embarrassment? 3. What is the risk of taking no action – not following your calling? How do you plan to deal with fear when it pops up on your entrepreneurial journey?


They probably won’t happen.  I sometimes worry about what may happen and it isn’t always that way and then I wonder why I worried about it.  The theme that I can think of is that I am thinking there are a lot of people out in the world that do not want to be honest.  They want to take advantage of people.  I have had at least two experiences like that and many strange texts or phone calls, but not all people are bad.  I have had many more good experiences than bad experiences.  The core of what I really fear is the unknown.  And some of the others items listed and how will I cope after those things happen.  The risk of taking no action is that I will always wonder if I would have done well or if I had done everything I could to grow. I think because I have had many fears in life and even in my business that I have to want it bad enough as well as finding another way around it.  One on of my first jobs, I was scared and took my dad with me for help and for comfort as I did the first couple of jobs.  Sometimes I can have someone there with me and other times I pray for strength and help.  If it is a bad area of town, I will listen to the spirit and act on faith that all will be well.


Doing what you love

Writing about what you learned in a class can often be boring, but one of the videos I watched this week reminded me that I should do what I love.  When we do what others want us to do, it doesn’t make us happy.  We all have to work, its a fact of life.  If we don’t, we don’t have money for food, bills, clothes or other expenses.  But doing what makes us happy is a great opportunity to move forward.  For years I worked in a company doing accounting.  I enjoyed it for awhile and for some time it did make me happy.  But the closer it got to me actually doing what I wanted to do, the more I craved it and wanted it.

Most of the reading material had to do with giving back to others.  As we do this, we are helping ourselves.  Not only does it help our business, but it helps us with struggles and trials we have in life.  It makes them easier to handle. I learned this great piece of advice years ago when I served a mission in California.  My Mission president let us know that when we serve others, it helps us with our own trials.  There is also something about serving that makes us happy.  Being happy is what we want in life.   It validates and helps me to know that I am growing and helping others.

Another article is about disabling our fears.  I found this article interesting.  As I read it I could understand exactly what fears to do us, especially when you start a business.  When we have fears, they stop us from progressing and moving on.  But when we dissect our fears by talking about them, we take the power away from them, making them into something that we can and will overcome.

One last thing, I want to share is from an article by Clayton Christensen called “How will you measure up” In keeping any goal in life, it is easier to keep it 100% of the time rather than 98%.  If we are committed to eat healthy, we do it whole-heartedly and with 100% commitment.   It is much easier to keep that commitment when we do it all the time, than when we only do it once in a while.  So some advice this week is to do what you love and do it with 100% commitment.


Life of Service

Have you ever thought the key in life is serving others?  I have seen it often in life and know it is important to give back and serve others.  I learned early on about serving others.  My own parents were often found helping and serving others.  Did it make them rich and successful in the ways of the world?  No.  But as a child looking at what they did to help others only makes sense as to why I have a business that serves others.  I don’t have some wonderful product to sell, but a service that helps people out.    Some of the things I have read in my assignments this week are integrity in all that I do, being true to myself brings me joy, when I make a living I am also making a life and doing the best I can is due to integrity and honesty.

There is also a book I am reading right now called the “Ministry of Business” by Steven A Hitz and James W. Ritchie I love the story of how these two men met and the formula for a successful business.  I love that some of the formula came inspiring men and that we get that inspiration from God.    The principles they share in this book are about many things in business, and our lives.  One of the principles from this book is that we cannot leave our jobs at the door.  They are intermingled with who we are.  I love this thought!  It explains me so well.  Our lives are intermingled with our faith, our jobs, and our families.  Nothing is left at the door.  We need the support of all to be successful.

Stepping Stones in life

As I read my assignments this week, I felt as if I was reading about my life.  In “Stars and stepping stones, the author talks about divine inspiration as a way that leads us to life-long goals.  This has been a big part of my life.

“Each of us has a spark of divine inspiration that lead us to life-long goals.  Once you have discovered these goals, your end purpose is clear.”  Jeff Sandefer

I agree in many respects since it was something I wanted so badly, especially the closer it got to doing it.  Timing is so much a part of it as well.  We start things when we are ready for them even when we don’t always realize it.   There is so much that goes into it all.  One of the best things about this article ‘Stars and stepping stones” is we are told to start at the end and work back.  Extremely wise council, considering when I started my business and how it came into existence.  I honestly didn’t know how to do it.  How do you do something you have never done? I had no idea where to start or who to talk to.

Another thought that was mentioned in this article is a letter that was written by someone who wanted a business, It says “ my life seems to be on hold as I struggle to create something I believe will be greater than myself. “  And the last part “But my personal life might not be as “on hold” as I think I am becoming happier with me.” I see so much of my life in this article.  There as so many things that are changing me.  It isn’t just one little thing.  It’s a process through everything around me; work, school, religion, friends, family and the support I have found in so many of them.

Another article called “Do you feel a calling to do something important?  By Associate Professor Jeffry R. Thompson.   Isn’t it wonderful to know that there are answers to help us with work?  We can do a lot ourselves, but having divine inspiration about our jobs is so helpful in helping us move forward in all that we do.  I also enjoyed that we have gifts that we are born with that help us with the jobs or “calling” we have in life.  I have experienced this too and yet I am also finding and realizing so many more.

The last though I have is by Randy Pausch’s.  He says “Brick walls are for those who don’t want it bad enough.”  And “Some brick walls are made of flesh.”  I have seen that in my life.  Not only did I struggle to get my business started, but sometimes the support wasn’t there from those around me.  But I think those struggles are each a part of the stepping stones in our life’s journey.  We sometimes have to hit a brick wall so we will try another approach.  Life is certainly interesting in where it leads us.



Errand.Girl has changed a lot over the last few years.

It’s been awhile since I have posted.  It seems to take a while to get things up and running and that first year was good with business  trying to settle into my little niche.  I was offering so many things to see what I could get it going.  Party favors, organizing, even gift baskets.  But I soon came to realize I was offering too way too much.  It wasn’t a problem, but my time is also important and I charge by the hour and if I buy items to make a gift basket, it will still take time to make that basket as well as cost money to do it.  So, while I love all things creative, I will just leave it all to you.  I will buy your supplies and you can put it all together.

After the first year, I started doing more for others in different ways.  Errand.Girl is a service business.  It changes from day to day.  What do you have that you need done?  Documents picked up and delivered?  Groceries for that last minute party?  I do realize there are many businesses out there that do this now.  Smaller businesses offer more of a personal touch.

I am Errand. Girl.  I run your errands, pick up dry cleaning and pick up documents.   I have picked up groceries, documents, dinner  and prescriptions.

I have had  interesting experiences in the last couple of years.  My job brings me many different opportunities.  I am able to pick up your item and mail it to you. There is a limit on how much I will spend out of my own pocket.

How my services work:  I charge $25.00 an hour and .55 cents a mile.  You pay me for my service, the item and mailing the item to you.   Payment is due at the time of service.  I take credit cards through Square and PayPal.

What I am learning

I am in a college course on entrepreneurship and need to share what I have been learning.  In a busines, it is important to have a journal to look back at the things you have done.  I started a journal years ago, but have also had some changes in my life and wanted to use the website as a blog as I make changes.  My business has changed over the course of the six years I have been in business.  I have had some good experiences and I have had some bad experiences, but overall I love the adventures I have and the opportunities I have had through it all.  It isn’t easy and even getting it going was a lot of hard work.

In the article I am reading by Jeff Sandefer  “Your entrepreneur Journal” he says ” we learn at least two things from journaling; 1 to write and store things that are important and 2 to reflect on those things.  I agree with him.  I am a regular journal writer.  I write daily.  I reflect on things in the past and review them.  I haven’t always done it as expertly about my business, but I use small blurbs on Facebook about places I have been when I post. That has led to conversations with some people all over the world.  At some point of all this, I wish I had written step by step instructions, but  I didn’t.  I do that in other jobs, but to tell you the truth, I didn’t always know how to start a business and what got me started, may be different for others.

One of the other talks I read this week is by Elder Bednar “Your whole soul as an offering unto him”  first I love this talk and how it relates to me, but also how it can even relate to a business.  As I think about my “whole Soul” to me it means putting my heart into it and doing my best.  In this talk Elder Bednar reminds us to make God our first priority and put our whole soul unto him.  In using him as our mentor, we can do a lot.  God is my mentor in business, he has been there every step of the way.  Even when I am afraid to make those changes, I pray for his guidance and find the extra push that I need to move a little farther or take another step.  In business we make sacrifices in order to achieve what we want.

Networking is also a key tool in business.  You never know who you will talk to and how they can help.  One of my  mentors is now gone, but she really believed in my business and was always giving me ideas of who I could contact or sharing ideas to help me advertise.  I appreciated her help and how she shared with so many about my business.  We can accomplish so much by just talking to others.