Let me do the "run around" for you.

Snow Day

Today was a snow day. As an adult, I haven’t experienced a snow day in a long time. Most of the time we tried to go to work, regardless of the weather. I remember some scary times driving on the road (freeway even) with heavy duty snow and horrible wiper blades. Miraculous that I made it to work that day. And after all that, the sun was shining and I went home to no snow. ( I bought new wiper blades anyway). I remember another time being at work and they let us go home early so we could get out of the parking lot. That was as an adult working in an office down town. I learned to leave extra early and drive slow to make it to work. Do I like driving in the snow? Not really, but I did because of the duties I had for that job.

Today I experienced a snow day. Two weeks ago it snowed on Martin Luther King day and I did have to work, however, when I left there wasn’t much snow and the city had been preparing for it since the roads were sanded. So really it wasn’t that bad until I tried to drive in my driveway and got stuck. We got about 4-5 inches that day.

Today when I got up to go to work there was way more than the 5 inches. I left my house early to try and get there and thought “no way” when I saw all the snow and what I needed to dig out to even get on the road. I texted my boss and was told not to come and that school was cancelled. I then with a few neighbors spent the next hour shoveling part of my driveway. And here I was worried about not getting enough excercise.

Well it turns out that many people had a snow day and it was really kind of nice to get to things I hadn’t been able to get to as well as talk to friends on the phone.

One of the things I was thinking about was a snow day in high school and coming home and my mom was out shoveling the drive way. By the way , I got about 9 inches today. My sister lives west of me and she got double what I had.

Another snow day came to mind as I was thinking about the neighbors and I digging out our shared driveway. One of the neighbors was taking their child to work with them instead of school and it reminded me of a day long ago when it snowed. I don’t know if it was a snow day, but my dad had the day off as well. We made snow creatures in the yard. My dad’s looked like a dinosaur with two legs. He was so precise in carving it. It was a fun memory to look back on.

Do you have great memories as a child playing in the snow? Building forts or snowmen. Going sledding or tubing?

Comparative vs. Absolute advantage.

Its been awhile since I have written. I have had lots of adventures, some that I have shared and others that I have not. Two semesters ago, I wrote concerning a class that I had. And hey I figured this was as good a place as any to share more thoughts.

This semester I am taking Introduction to Macro Economics. I have taken it before, but needed a better grade. Hey we don’t always learn things the first time and I am certainly no exception to that rule. I work hard in school and I do put a lot of time in. But despite all the time I put in for school, this class was still hard and here I am again learning it all over again. But hopefully this time, I will understand it.

The class is 3 credits and the requirement is 9-12 hours of homework for at least a C. I always want an A. This is college work and the classes have been hard. I have had a couple of easier classes, but they are things I have excelled in. This is not my cup of tea, so I must sacrifice and work as hard as I can for the grades that I want.

So far I have read the chapter at least 2-3 times within the last week and done homework, a quiz and a hangout quiz. I am also working on extra credit and additional reading of the chapter and I finally had an a ha moment. So I thought I would share it with you.

Absolute advantage is an economic term that compares the quantity of inputs required to produce a good. So I can produce scarves or treat bags. But what can I do better and what should I specialize in? Absolute advantage is where we decide where I am most efficient and have the highest productivity. I have read that so many times, and it finally sunk in. Yay!

Comparative advantage compares the opportunity cost of production for each producer. There is math involved in this and many different equations. But due to a video a classmate shared with me today, and after watching it about 14 times, I was able to understand and put it to good use.

So back to comparative advantage…. Comparative advantage compares the lower opportunity cost of production for each producer. The interesting thing, is while I see the Absolute advantage someone has, it may not be the best way. They way be able to produce the other item at a lower cost- thus a comparative advantage.

I would say I don’t have a comparative advantage in doing homework. Ha Ha ha. It takes me hours. But I do have an absolute advantage in doing many other things.

Well that is probably all I will share today, but I will continue to think about the terms that I am learning in Economics and hope for more enlightenment.


I know that many of you may think it is too soon for Christmas.  Some love the count-downs and telling us how many days until whatever holiday.  I do love advent calendars, but I don’t like to know that I only have so many days to get things done.  That kind of stresses me out.  

However, I do like the Season and it seems to start earlier each year, but really its the autumn season starting early September and then Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Once Halloween is over, we have more of a Thanksgiving Christmas.  

I love it.  I get to prepare for both.  I love all the extra items that come into the stores when the holiday’s are around.  I went into a couple of stores today.  One was even playing old fashioned Christmas music and I love it.  I am kind of an old-fashioned girl.    

Christmas is only one day, but takes so many to prepare for it.  I have always been a early shopper.  In fact, I have some things wrapped.  I used to have everything done by September, but then I only had me to worry about.  Now things aren’t as simple and I have so much more to worry about in my life.

Why do I do this?  Its part of who I am.  I like to be prepared.  I have always had a gift closet too, with great gifts to give out.  But for awhile, I stopped doing it and tried it the other way, but it always made me a little more panicked and not able to enjoy the season.

I love preparing for it and I come by it so naturally.  My mom always did the 12 days of Christmas and she made everything.  She started in January right after Christmas.  She did crafts and made some of the best things.  That is a part of Christmas that I miss.  Even though we took things out every night, it was so much fun to get into the spirit of Christmas and share with others.     

Years later, hearing their stories about when my mom took them something reminds me that she always did that.  Even for us.  We were always making something to take to school for our classes or our departments at work.  I loved it and it helped me get into the spirit of things.  After my mom passed away, it wasn’t the same and it still isn’t, but we have to make our own celebrations.

We have to do what makes us happy.  So shopping early and wrapping early makes me happy.  I love looking at all the fun things at the stores and listening to the Christmas music even if it is early.  It helps me enjoy it just a little longer.  After all what is Christmas really about….. Its about the baby Jesus and the gifts he gave to all.

So if I do it early, for me it gives me more time to celebrate and think of all my Savior did for me.  I get into the secrets of  preparing fun gifts, of getting things for people that mean a lot to them.  Those are the simple pleasures of Christmas and the love of the holiday season.  When we buy or make a gift for someone, we are doing it out of love and we are excited to see if they like it. 

Whether you do Christmas one day or through several months, do what makes you happy.   Have a wonderful Holiday!

Embracing a cold?

Recently, I wrote a post about embracing life and living in the moment. Today I was thinking about embracing a cold. Years ago I worked at a place where change was really difficult for me. One of my co-workers mentioned that I struggled with change. Of course I didn’t want to admit it, but I really did. Life has a few perfect moments and then things change. It has taken me a long time to accept those changes and problems and learn to still be happy and enjoy life, but I do try and it certainly does make a difference in my attitude. I prefer to be happy. Regardless of the stress and situations that make life difficult. There is always a happy moment in life even when life it hard.

We all go through difficult things. So embracing some things is not easy. There are things we fear or even hate which brings me to today’s post. I absolutely hate to be sick. I will fight it and it is always at the worst time. Is there ever a good time to be sick? No!

For me there have always been difficult things in life, but as I work at them they become easier, but when I have a cold it is so much harder for me to get outside and push forward. And yet people have cold’s all the time.

What is the bright side of having a cold? That’s a hard one. It really is. I means possibly that I have been wearing myself out, not getting enough rest and that I am not taking enough time for myself. That is true, but I do have a busy life and don’t always have the time to sit down and rest. Its one thing and then on to the other.

So as I was thinking of embracing life; I thought why not. I have the cold now. Why not embrace it. It will run its course, of coughing, stuffy and draining nose and sinus ick. Teeth will hurt, achy body. Why not embrace it and take a few days off? I reallly don’t have the time to take off, but I decided that if I am going to embrace it. The best thing about it, is….. I usually loose weight. So I am hoping that embracing this cold will help me loose weight.

I hope you are all embracing life in whatever you have to deal with.

What we learn in life?

What is on my mind today is writing. I am taking a writing class for one of my college classes and because I enjoy writing it is one I wanted to take.
I would say that I am an OK writer. Some like my tone and others do not. But for me, I feel I have worked hard on my writing and do a pretty good job. I would say that I could probably do better and so here I am taking an advanced writing class and loving it.

Rules of Writing

I do know there are rules to writing. Some are staying in the same tense and not switching back and forth and if you do, you have to make sure the audience knows when you are switching to stay in tune with what you are writing. There are other things in professional writing and in resumes such as not writing in 1st or 2nd person, it is more of third person, like you are taking about yourself and staying out of conversational tone, which is a big failing in me since I write like that all the time. And when you give your opinion, you need to let others know it is your opinion because it isn’t really fact.

So how do you learn all of these things? How do you learn and improve? The simple thing is practice, practice, practice. It really makes a lot of difference when you practice. I write everyday and that has made a difference in all that I am doing now.

Years ago, ( this is a key that I am talking about the past) I took a writing class and did horrible in it. It was a college class and it was hard. I was right out of high school and extremely shy and it was difficult to do what they asked me to do. But I did make it through the class and at that point, I didn’t think I would write anymore and I didn’t for a long time.

Years later into the future I decide to go back to school and guess what I have to take another writing class. But this time I have learned some things along the way. We do better when we keep a positive attitude and it certainly makes a big difference in what we succeed in. So when the writing and the math class came along, I kept a positive attitude and I really did well in both classes.

As you can see in my writing, I am not good about staying in present tense. I hope you can follow it. And I will continue to work on it.

So why am I writing today? I reviewed some notes from a teacher in my writing today. It is professional writing and I have had some experience in it, maybe not the best, but experience is experience and we need that experience to keep improving.

She reminded me not to write in conversational tone in professional writing which uses we, you or us. I switch back and forth often and most of my writing is done in conversational tone. But hey, I wouldn’t know this if first, I didn’t practice and second I didn’t understand what she was saying. But because I do practice, I do have a better understanding of what she is saying more so than I did years ago.

Another thing I am loving about this class is peer reviewing.  For the most part no one likes to tell other they are doing something wrong, its like a confrontational thing, but this is done in such a way that there is still growth and love shown to the individual and it isn’t done to be mean. Everyone is kind and shares positive reinforcement even when we do things that are not quite right so it really helps. As we teach others we learn more from the experience and while I once did not enjoy it, I now love it.

Embracing life and looking at the bright side

So in all my ramblings about writing, there is a lesson in in. More so than just writing but practice and positivity. When I am positive about anything I do, it really makes a difference in how I succeed and how I feel about life.

Instead of worrying about something, I have learned to look at it as an adventure and enjoy the moment. It really helps me enjoy the moment so much more. I can dread things and life will be hard and difficult and I’ll get bad grades, or I can embrace the changes and move forward. I started doing that a while ago and it really does make a difference in the person I am and the things I am accomplishing in life. So my advice is to be positive and look forward to a brighter day.  



Who doesn’t like a new recipe or a make over?  A few years ago I made a change in diet.  I started eating more veggies and along with that I cut out most of the sugar I was eating.  Believe me it was a switch because I was eating candy and treats from sun up to sun down.  I was addicted to sugar!

So why is this important in the scheme of things?  Well this is my blog, my journey and while you may get the work stuff you will also get a little about me.  I also enjoy writing.  Ha ha so I am just sharing things that work for me.

So earlier today I was thinking about writing about work.  I can do it in a private journal, but last semester, we did it on this blog for one of my classes.  I think the reason we write about our experiences is to remember them and learn from them.  When I write about things I did or experienced I can learn from them for the future as well.    These experiences teach and shape my business into what it needs to be.  So regardless of where you write…. write somewhere the experiences you have for your future to learn from them.

So back to the recipes.  Years ago, my mom served a mission for our church and she picked up a recipe that our family has enjoyed for years.  The recipe is for Brown Beef Stew and the woman’s name on the recipe is Mrs Thorton in Minneapolis Minnesota.

I will give you the recipe and then a long explanation.  Ok part of it has to do with two other recipes and how I changed them.

Brown Beef Stew

1 1/2 pounds of lean beef cubes             1 can Tomato Soup

2 Tablespoons of Fat                                4 medium carrots

3 cups boiling water                                   10 small onions

2 tablespoons chopped parsley            2 stalks celery cut into 2 inch pieces

4-5 medium potatoes

Brown meat in fat in deep kettle or dutch oven.  Add water,  bay leaf and salt.  Simmer about 1 1/2 hours (covered) until meat is almost done.  Add tomato soup, carrots, onion and potatoes and celery.  Simmer covered for about 45 minutes, or until vegetables are cooked.  Sprinkle on parsley.  4-5 servings.  I remember my mom making a pot of this on the stove.  But she did it just a little different.   Mom cooked the meat on the stove, but didn’t cook it in the fat.  She also added all the veggies at once and cooked it right on the stove.  I don’t remember her putting in the parsley, but I do remember the bay leaf.

Well things have changed and when I made this soup for my dad, after my mom passed away, I did it in the crockpot or slow cooker.   Previous to even making the soup, I had cooked hamburger or even beef cubes and frozen them, added the veggies, soup seasoning and water and cooked for about 8 hours.  Soup is done for dinner.  I experimented a lot.  And on a cold day or long day, it was nice to already have dinner done.  Just warm it up and eat.   Ok lets put this recipe on the back burner for a minute or two.

A few months ago, I found a recipe on Facebook.  As I said earlier in my post, I have tried to eat healthier.  So this recipe is called slow cooker lentil Sloppy Joes (from Simply Quinoa.com).  I like a lot of her recipes.  I am not going to print out this recipe here, you will have to go to her site to get it.  Basically it is a sloppy joe recipe without mean, but you still get the protein.

When I ate the recipe, it reminded me of my mom’s recipe Barbecued hamburger.  Which is like having sloppy joes.     Mom used  to cook this and then serve it over a piece of bread or a hamburger bun.  We ate it with a variety of things.

This recipe is from Louise Howe  Barbecued Hamburger

1 lb. ground beef fried  and chopped fine.  with 1 small onion (chopped) and browned

add: 1 can of tomato soup, 1 tablespoon vinegar, 1 tablespoon catsup, 1 tea. chili powder, 1 teaspoon sugar, 2 teaspoons prepared mustard, salt and pepper

Simmer for 10-15 minutes.

So the lentil recipe tasted similar to this.  One day I was making another casserole that we use this barbecued hamburger with and I didn’t have a can of tomato soup.  So I remembered this recipe which used tomato sauce, ketchup, maple syrup, mustard, chili powder, hot sauce , salt, pepper and paprika.  Most of the ingredients are the same.  So I made the switch and no one knew, except me.

So lets bring that soup back off the back burner.  The other day, I wanted soup.  The weather is changing a bit  and while it is still warm weather, the mornings are a little crisper.  I decided I wanted this brown beef stew.  I threw, frozen hamburger, veggies (bag of small carrots, diced a medium onion, 2 stalks of celery, and a couple of potatoes.  I also added spices, and then I looked at the ingredients on the can of soup and decided I didn’t want to eat those, so I remembered this recipe and added water, tomato sauce, ketchup and let it cook.  When I came home from work, it smelled so good.  It tasted just like the other, but without the condensed soup.

So that was a long story about recipes, but really I think you have to do what works for you.  If you don’t have an issue with additives in certain things, then you are fine to eat them.

Enjoy the recipes.


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We live in a world of knowledge.  Sometimes the knowledge is good and sometimes it isn’t.  What do I mean my that?  Science is constantly coming out with new studies and changes.  Years ago they was the one about eggs.  Most of us grew up eating raw eggs in one form or another. I even remember it was used as a health thing at one time.  Eating a raw egg in a smoothie was considered a good thing.

My post really isn’t about eggs and health, but more about knowledge and what we do with it.  Even now there are positive things about coconut oil and even recent things studies which show negative impacts.  What do we do with that knowledge and how do we test it out?    I think you have to study it out and think about it.  I would also add prayer.  Pray for help to understand and know what is true.   God is the only one who knows what is true and what is not.  But we can pray for that inspiration to know what is true and what will work.

In my last post I talked about plumbing issues.  This is a continuation of it.   So in all that I ended up doing last week; I finally found through prayer, lots of Youtube videos that I needed an agar.

The inspiration of the agar was the most helpful thing.  I had taken the drain out and watched the video on how to do that.  I had even watched one where a professional plumber said he had watched many videos and they do it wrong.  And you know what.  He is right.  I am not a plumber, but I tried all the different ideas.  The video with taking the drain out didn’t even work and when I snaked the tub I got the most hair out of the overflow.  I also got past the trap with the agar (snake 20 feet in length and got more out.  If you snake the drain it will come up to the overflow.  So really snaking the the overflow is the best way.

But how did I gain all this knowledge?  It was through trial and error and prayer to know the best way to do it.  I now have to put the drain back in, but I am having some issues with it as it isn’t going in strait.  So in a few days I have someone coming to check it out and help me finish it up.


I hope you all have a splendid week!

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The joys of plumbing.

I was forming a post in my mind and realized I had already used that title.  Ha things have really been crazy lately.  As I said before, it doesn’t stop.  I have had a break from school for 5 weeks.  This is my last week and it has been wonderful, but there has been a lot going on.  I have been dejunking my house and making many trips to the DI- it’s a second-hand store that takes used items.

There have been some good things and some not so great things. And of course lots of cleaning.  There are still issues that come up.  Right now I have a plumbing issue.  A few weeks ago my shower head broke and sprayed all over the bathroom.  I was not happy.  I was in such a grumpy mood by the time I got to work.  But really it was a blessing in many ways.

First I had to buy a new shower head.  The store closest to me is Lowes and I only found one brand with many different prices, single head, double head, 3 functions, 5 functions.  So many choices, but what price did I want to pay?  I ended up with the $40 range 3 function head.  Once it was installed, I realized it was so nice and that I had put up with a shower head that didn’t work for a long time.  I hadn’t gotten a lot of water out of it for awhile and with the new head, it was fabulous!  I have to say it is really awesome and I love it.

All was going well and then one day out of the blue, I had a tub of water while taking a shower.  I didn’t have a clue that it had been draining slow at all, so I decided to fix it.  I talked with some people and one suggested to start with hot boiling water.  So I tried that.  I heard some sizzling and it didn’t release the clog, so I remembered the last time the plumber came, he removed the plate on the side of the tub.  At that point, I decided to watch some videos on Youtube to see if I could do this basic job.  (Some jobs, I don’t even want to attempt, but hey if I can do it and save me some money, then why not try?)

So I found a nice video online and learned about a zip it-.  Its a long plastic stick that is flexible with a hole at the top and edges that cling to gunk in you drain and help you pull it up.  I checked Lowes one day and they didn’t have it, but I bought this cheaper looking thing that had two of them and a thin plastic stick with a hook.  It’s kind of the same, but quite wimpy!  There was two of them so I thought I’d try it.  The first chance it get to use it, and the hook tears.  Great!  I don’t want to lose it down the drain so I have to use the other one.

This one holds up a little better, but I still haven’t gotten a lot off.  So I go back to another Youtube video and found one with a woman taking out the drain of the tub.  She uses a drain remover.  Since I need another zip it and I am now looking for a drain remover, I  head to Home depot.  I do not like to go to some of these stores on Saturday.  They are extremely busy, but I had a small pocket of time before the next event, so I didn’t want to waste it.

So I drive up to Home Depot and I am calling them at the same time to see if they have the zip it product and they don’t.  But I did find another product really similar to it.  The brand was Python drain tool.  This one didn’t have a hole at the end, but some genius realized we wouldn’t want to touch the gunk in our shower drain and rigged it with a bag and a small part to twist into the drain.  It was the thicker plastic and had the grooves in the side to pull out the gunk and hair from your drain.  With the drain pop up plug on, it was really difficult to get the gunk out, so I watched another video and found out how to remove the popup drain.  Then I tried the python and I got more stuff, but not enough to cause a clogged drain.  So of course, I had to take the drain out.  But Home Depot didn’t have it.

I was kind of getting frustrated with all this running to the store bit while I was trying to do a project.   Hence the name of my company Errand. Girl- let me do the run around for you.  This is so that you don’t have to do the running around.

Okay back to my running around, so I went home and did as much as I could and then put everything back, since I would need to use the shower again the following day and I didn’t want anything else rolling down the drain to clog it.

So that was Saturday and the next day I could do anything was Monday and I ran to Lowe’s again to see if they had the drain remover.  They did and I was able to remove the drain.  It was really hard, but with some praying and some help from a screw driver it untwisted and came out, but of course there was another problem.  Nothing is ever easy and this was no exception.  The shower drain washer was not there.  Whoever had put it in had used a putty and it crumbled, so I cleaned that out and then of course I needed to go to the store again which I didn’t do until this morning before work.

As I continued to work on it, talking to it, I took off the side plate and put a clothes hanger down it and then the python again and got a ton more junk out, but still not enough for it to clog.  I then got a phone call and had a conversation with a friend of mine about what to put down the drain.  So I tried that too.  Hot vinegar.  It didn’t do much either except smell up the bathroom.  I was really tired and my back was killing me so I stopped and looked up what disintegrates hair.

Google has all kinds of information about it.  Apparently bleach will disintegrate hair, I just don’t know how good it is on the pipes, but I may try it.  We will see.  Through all this, I have learned a lot.  1. how to waste a lot of time. 2. Just call the plumber, it will be easier and 3. knowledge is power.

Ok I think it really comes down to, trying new things.  If I can’t do it, then I should call the plumber, but I did try.  Unfortunately, I just don’t have the time to take care of it, so it really would be easier to call the plumber.  I hope you have have a wonderful week!

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Did you think I was taking a break?

While I know there aren’t many readers of this blog, I do think there are a few.  I have even advertised my blog on my Facebook account.   While things were quite busy up until last week, life has not stopped.  There are more issues and many more things do continue to come and go.  I realized that some things still need to be taken care of and more issues keep coming.  Oh well.  I did have a short break and work will continue to go on.

Which browser do I use?  Last year, I had a lot of issues with one and decided to change to another.  Well I recently noticed that on some things I use the one browser for, a few things are not secure.  Crazy, so I started calling those companies and talking to people to get this taken care of.  Hmm.  There doesn’t seem to be a perfect fit, but maybe in using one browser more items are secure.  I guess it is something I will have to keep working on.

Just some random thoughts today.  The spring semester is finally over and I have a 6 week break, but it seems it is already time to go back to work.  And if feels like the summer is over and I am not ready for it to be over.  I need a three month break without classes on top of it.  Oh well.  This is how life goes and I do want to finish school so I’ll keep working on it and still try to have a life as well.

I hope all who read this are having a wonderful summer without too much trouble.

Wk 14 Last Lecture

Well this is it, but really hopefully not the end.  This is my last week of this course and I am to write about in my last lecture what I have learned and what I would tell someone embarking on becoming an entrepreneur.  So here are my words of advice:

  1.  It isn’t easy, but it is worth it.  Okay. Have you heard that before or even believe it.  Usually we think about it as “this life and all the trials we have”. And we know that all that we go through is “worth it” because of how it prepares us for the future.  My steps into starting a business were hard and I didn’t know how it would be done.  But through small and simple steps… okay this is another scripture quote, but that is just so much a part of my life. Alma 37:6.  Sometimes tasks are hard and we don’t know how to get around it.  Through prayer and hard work it will all work out.  One of the things that I was told is to start with a business plan, but in reading some books in my past posts- many business do not have a business plan and you know what?  It is okay!  If you don’t need one, don’t have one.  Just set your vision and go for it.  There will be a lot of work involved, but you can do it.  If you truly have the desire and will power and the effort you can do anything.  So another quote I love and I use it often.  I even have it framed on my wall.  ” I can do hard things.”  It is a reminder to me that life is hard, but I can do those hard things.
  2. Be Yourself.  So many people we tell you this advice, just be yourself.  But there are others that want you to do it a certain way.  There is another quote that is often said and I wish I could tell you who said it first, but in googling it there were many who said it.  “Don’t judge me because I sin differently than you.      This week I read a wonderful talk that really hit me.  It has a lot to do with trials I have gone through and as I think back on them, I am reminded that I am a unique individual and I do things differently at times.    But just because I do it differently, doesn’t mean it is wrong.   As I was reading a talk by President Thomas S Monson called Finishers Wanted it reminded of some judging.  We all know that this is not a good thing, often we judge people on our strengths and their weaknesses.  Someone once said to me- I think you run away from your problems.  Well this has stuck with me and I have come to the conclusion they have judged me.  I can choose to be upset with them forever or I can choose to do my best and work on my trials.  That is what I choose, because they haven’t walked in my shoes and if they did, they would have to be exactly like me to understand how difficult some of my trials are and how I work at overcoming them.  So be yourself and don’t let anyone tell you it has to be done a certain way.  We are all unique and do and think differently than each other. So do it the way you would do it!

I loved this talk so much that I have to share some of it.  “Finishers Wanted”  President Monson talked about a sign in a furniture store when he was out window shopping one day and he wrote a talk on it.  Its about finishing the course.  Doing our best and working to become  the best we can.  If at one time you can’t do something and maybe you have given up, keep trying and you will get it.  How many of us are able to accomplish something the first go at it?  If you do you are lucky, but I have never been that experienced in life.  I have to really work hard at what I want to accomplish and I have had some pretty big trials that I have wanted to accomplish.  I could sit back and not do it, but believe me, I am happy with the progress.  So work at it and give it everything you have and if it doesn’t come easy, that’s OK.  You will appreciate it more because you have had to work at it.

3.  Balance. As I have taken this course and read the many different lesson- some are about balance.  That’s a big one.  How do you balance it all?  Have you every seen the glass tub with rocks, sand and water?  The rocks are the big things in our lives and if you put them in first, you can add the sand and the water too.  However, If you add the small things first, you cannot accomplish the big things too.   This is a great analogy that I see everyday in my life.  What is most important?  It is what I need to do first.  I need time for myself, prayer, meditation, scripture study, journal, homework, socializing, church callings, family, school, work, exercise, service, etc.  How do I do it all?  Well if I put the most important things first, I can do it all.  Otherwise if I put the small things first, I don’t get those things done.  Last week we read about Randy Haykin and how he learned to balance his life.  He referred to his work as one family and his family as the other family and both were counting on him.  So learn to balance.  Another lesson stated that if you are single and opening a business, it is better to stay single during the time you get it going since you will be spending a lot of time working on it.   In the book Ministry of Business the author and his wife were partners in the business and worked together not just in their marriage, but in their business as well.  With all that I have to accomplish, I find that if I put the most important things first I accomplish so much more than I ever thought possible.

4. Give back.  This is a subject that is near and dear to me.  I have seen blessings from it.  helping others, really isn’t one sided.  It helps us as well.  When we serve others, maybe with a financial need, or helping someone out by giving of our time, we really benefit from it too.  Not only that it is a nice break from everything else going on.  If you want to see great efforts going on, serve and help others.  Often as one person, we cannot accomplish a lot, but as a multitude of people we can accomplish so much more.

5. Look for the opportunity.   While there are many things I could state in my last lecture, I will keep it short.  As we look for the opportunity, we find it happens at different times in our lives.  I know someone who has been in business for 25 years.  Okay, I know a lot of people that have been in business a long time.  But this person is a relative.  After college, she worked for a  nonprofit and a heath department and then opened her own business.  The events in her life have not been easy and she has worked hard for what she has and has learned from her experiences in life as well.  Her knowledge and business has helped many people.  I look at how her life has changed over the years due to the hardships she has had.  She is definitely a hero to so many.

My opportunity came much later in life, but yet it came when I was ready for it.  I after all, as I have said before have had to work for a lot to get to this point.  I opened my business about 6 years ago and it has been learn as you go and I have learned a lot.  I have learned how important it is to specialize in something and not try to do it all.  And yet we do want the open-minded entrepreneur who can handle so much more because of how it helps us progress.  But you have to do what works for you.  Last week in the article, Randy Haykin:  The making of and Entrepreneur, we learned his opportunity came when Viacom sold to Paramount and he had a choice of going to New York or Las Angeles and he didn’t want to do either, so he left and took that leap into his own business.

Why you are looking for the opportunity, prepare.  There are things you need and will want to develop, so work on those things.  I prepared by reading books.  I picked up books about people in business or how to start a business and read them.  They taught me so much.  We also read three books about business practices in this class and what I learned from them is invaluable to me.  I enjoyed these books and have ordered them to give to others.  They are great friends as Lance Ritchie states about each book he reads.


One more quick note- Have your every heard of Tom Monoghan?  I bet you have, but just don’t know much about his life.  He was the founder of Dominos Pizza.  He grew up in an orphange and became an extremely rich man.  He loved the toys: Cars, helecopters, etc.  He read the book Mere Chrisianity by C. S. Lewis.  This book changed his life.  Check out the you tube video about him.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3GVEOVsCUc&list=PL5_uEkasxxd2ZsEXvoaqZRuagYkkUctrD&index=16

Have a good week, I’ll talk talk to you soon.